Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh the Glee!

Are you guys watching Glee, on Fox Wednesday nights? If you aren't I strongly advise you to start, you will not regret it. Tonight there was a musical number set to the song Busta' Move and I could hardly contain myself. So good I had to break my blog of silence. And check out that cutie with the bow tie.


cori joyce said...

your BACK! im so excited I always check in with your blogg. im glad your on i hope you post more! Clint loves that show i have yet to watch it but he talks about it all the time! and hendrix is sooooo cute!

Jenni said...

Annie!!! Remember me? Jenni Judd from back in the day?? =) Found your blog through Kara Hollingsworth's sis--I hear she married your brother! Anyhow, wow, it's been forever! How are you? Your little guy is just adorable! Are you in CA? I'm living in the bay area for now...been here 2 1/2 years. Just wanted to say hi! My blog is